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9 hours ago, Dark_Lugia said:

When are we getting the Lua spy back in the sorties mission pool?

It was removed at the 4. Mai 2017 due to low specs on some PCs, but since the minimum specs were increased some time ago and other changes to the game happened. Could it might be possible to bring it back?


In reality it was removed due to overwhelming majority of warframe players not being capable of learning these somewhat complex vaults. So never.

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Have a confession to make. I've been pissed since Deimos Arcana dropped both due to having to run isolation vaults again and due to the clunky mechanic of if, when and how to make the Arcana Vaults even available. Decided I will not touch any of that until stuff gets fixed.

Well, yesterday I bit the bullet anyway, and started doing a triple original iso vaults and then multi-running the tier 3 Arcana (for Sporothrix parts). I still don't like having to do three iso vaults, but otherwise I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised. The ability to re-run Arcana vaults once they are unlocked is a big psychological plus (for me anyway), it still takes an "unnecessary" 20-25 minutes handling the six necramechs, but after that I like the feeling of playing in an "achieved prioritized space", having full control of how much I want to do and at what speed I want to do it. Since I'm currently soloing and chill-playing that is a big thing (with the additional bonus of skipping all the problems with host changes and sh*t). Had to adapt my build(s) a bit to the Necramech changes, but np. The  Cambion bounty system is (by now) better than ok (for soloing anyway), and the new Arcana missions are, well, actually "nice".

Part of the aggro me and my buddies built up seems to be due to the iso vault bounties resetting at Vome/Fass cycle change. We (probably) were unlucky to experience this a couple of times when trying to figure out how to access the Arcana vaults, with the result that we couldn't figure out anything (after doing iso tier 1 or iso tier 2 and trying a new mission we found no way of progressing the tiers, since a cycle change had reset them). I cannot be 100% sure about this, however I am very certain about the reset happening to me soloing (in the form of selecting tier 1 from "Mother inside", doing it, getting back to the surface and having only tier 1 selectable at "next mother"). So now, just to make sure, I do the triple iso vault after a cycle change, like "originally", then everything works fine.

The new weapons are also nice. The meta-fanatics are probably a bit disappointed (as usual 🙂), but I am actually having fun with all of them, maybe with the exception of the pulsating ballsacks on a string (but then I've never really gotten into the nunchaku stance anyway). On the other hand, cosmetically the Pulmonars are a clear win and will enhance any warframe, especially using the right color scheme & placement.

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Yea, mechs are still losing XP. I started a 3 vault run, my widow at 23... got it to 31 (with the shared, and affy boosters), then the host quit on us at like... 2/3 through vault 3... my mech went right back down to 23! This is the sort of thing that makes good people go toxic, badly.

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2 hours ago, Tosshie said:

I don't know for others, but for me every time I do railjack mission in veil the rupture will occur every 2 seconds. literally non stop. I don't know if it bug or not because before this it not like that.

Yeah, along with 3+ other nearly gamebreaking bugs.

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10 hours ago, -CM-Killer-931 said:

Please Fix the Collision Hit Boxes in Railjack, you'll know what I mean if you play it.

Please for the Love of God, add a Seperate Boost Toggle for Archwing and Railjack separate from Sprint Toggle. I like to toggle Sprint but making Boost almost unusable is not fun.

Please let us Waypoint in Railjack, from Any Seat, maybe make each seat have a Seperate Waypoint Icon? (Trust me, we'll love you if you just let us Waypoint in RJ, it feels like it's missing something without it.)

Please Let us Remove the base RJ Weapons in RJ. I don't need two Weapons I'm NEVER going to use, just cluttering and confusing me in my RJ Weapon selection.

When are you just gonna Colour Code things in RJ? The 'it looks a little different with a different name' game isn't cool, just use Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Don't reinvent the damn Wheel, use what works.

Bump. Fix our railjack. It doesn't seem like you care about railjack after RJ Revised at all.

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12 hours ago, tipsy_princess said:

what's exact problem with returning autoexposure toggle.
is it tech related or just personal Steve's preference to flash players for fun.
it's have been half year already.
add toggle ffs.

This. I've noticed that it seems to have been toned down in some of the recent patches (which of course wasn't mentioned anywhere), but even if something is slightly less annoying and painful than it used to be, it's still annoying, painful and very much un-necessary.

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there are some bugs with the isolation vault arcana boutnies :

bad pathfinding 


enemies spawning outside the vault


identical iso vault runes on the reactive crystals



and finally an old bug that has still not been fixed :

contrarily to its description, amalgam barrel diffusion doesn't speed up the dodge animation, it juste shortens the distance travelled


Edited by blaes
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14 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Fixed Clients losing all Necramech Affinity gained in mission after a Host Migration.

Still lost all my affinity after a Host Migration. Thank you DE for such a good patch

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14 hours ago, TheLordOmega2 said:

honestly just having the normal 1 vault bounty, a 3 vault bounty and a 3 vaults + arcanas bounties should fix most matchmaking issues, i really don't get why that's not a thing yet.

It’d help especially if each one auto progressed to the next step. But I don't think it’d fix the problem of disconnects during a long bounty chain wiping progress, ability to continue where you left off or just grind the activity you need Also there likely wouldn’t be as large a matchmaking pool at any point in time.

E.g. say I want just one warfan part, today really i just need to run vault 1, vault 2 without opening and then the vault 2 bounty.

But DE could make almost any choice in how to break these down into smaller units check-pointed in some way with a clear understanding of what you are signing up for and it’d bean improvement over today.

Right now the best strategy to getting the vault rewards is likely: 1) farm other things for plat 2) buy rewards.

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