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En 27/11/2020 a las 17:28, [DE]Danielle dijo:


  • Fixed Clients losing all Necramech Affinity gained in mission after a Host Migration.

Nice try, not fixed. I sometimes wonder who's doing their work worst, the coder who let the bug slip or the one who reported it fixed.

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Catabolyst pistol does not work on mirage, wukong, and Umbra. On reload, the ammo tank is thrown at the floor and aims at the center point below the map. 
Seriously, too many glitches came with Deimos Arcana and too many came back. What is up with that?
Fulmination does not affect the blast radius for some reason? I dont know anymore. Someone explain this to me...

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On 2020-11-27 at 10:28 PM, Dark_Lugia said:

It was removed at the 4. Mai 2017 due to low specs on some PCs, but since the minimum specs were increased some time ago and other changes to the game happened. Could it might be possible to bring it back?

The real reason was some players being too dumb to complete them.

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8 hours ago, OniGrimm said:

New bug on Bone Widow - on Plains of eidolon on host migration my Mausolon lost its mods.

By any chance were you unlocking a riven mod?

If not ignore my post, reason I mention it is awhile back whenever I was doing the challenge of a veiled riven mod after I unveiled the mod I'd notice all my mods removed.

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