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Livestream Schedule: November 30 - December 4

Message added by Digressive,

The Braton Vandal Receiver Twitch Drop is being re-run next week on Tuesday 8th December due to Twitch experiencing a site-wide outage.

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3 hours ago, --Q--FSK41 said:

Can u stop giving away items available ingame by trade atleast? things like cosmetics are fine and dandy but why do you remove the reason play your game? ESO Reward, Deimos rewards,  why do you wonder  people dont play the game if they just need to afk in twitch chat

I feel so called out, I stopped playing Warframe over two years ago just waiting for that sweet sweet Braton Vandal to come around on twitch drops so I could afk instead of playing!


Get over yourself.

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Thanks to everyone at Digital Extremes for continuing to find all new ways to invalidate hours of investment into your game. It's truly a marvel to see what you come up with that either nukes the market or digs at scabs to burst open wounds. Entertainment at its finest.

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1 hour ago, (PSN)NuHelios said:

Looked at next weeks Twitch drops... spat grape soda all over my monitor.


Then I thought, hang on wasn't there another Helen, something to do with Troy or something?

Seriously though THANK YOU xx

Check my profile only thing I'm missing is Lato Vandal.. hint.. hint.

I approve this message 

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Il y a 17 heures, [DE]Helen a dit :


Watch for 30 minutes to Receive This Week’s Twitch Drops:

  • Monday: Braton Vandal Barrel
  • Tuesday: Braton Vandal Receiver
  • Wednesday: Braton Vandal Stock
  • Thursday: Braton Vandal Blueprint

Tune into this week’s streams for Braton Vandal Drops!


That's why I don't give money to this game and always throw discounts away, even the -75%. DE always finds a way to reverse all the investment needed to farm stuff. Some early players were pissed off when DE added this weapon with the lato vandal into the game. And that's why I absolutely don't trust [DE]Rebecca when she repeated that Excal prime will never be a frame for everyone one day.


DE's behavior throught the years make me think you can't keep your word, and one day (maybe in 5-10 years) unfortunately I will be able to farm or receive as a gift Excal, Skana and Lato prime : /

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