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Livestream Schedule: November 30 - December 4

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The Braton Vandal Receiver Twitch Drop is being re-run next week on Tuesday 8th December due to Twitch experiencing a site-wide outage.

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edit: if there is such a thing as a Tuesday twitch drop issue, so be it. I’ve never experienced an issue like that since I’ve been watching, but it wouldn’t hurt DE to make a comment on their schedule to mention that Tuesday’s are flakey-Twitch days.

Bummed by the twitch link instability. My twitch account still says linked from 3 years ago. Yesterday drop was fine. Today, drop doesn’t register. Same goes for my gf. Her account still says it’s linked. We both sign in daily for these. Sad part is the unique nature of this drop - it hasn’t been available in forever. One miss and the whole thing is scrubbed for another year. Really disappointed. There has to be a better way. If my twitch account says I’m linked,  I should be linked. And I certainly shouldn’t have to double check for every single stream to see if I got unlinked by... a ghost? It worked yesterday and every day prior for the past year+. I just don’t have that kind of time to login to both sides and unlink/relink just to make sure I’m solid. I want to listen and participate when I can, but it’s disheartening to miss such a drop for zero explainable cause.

1000+ login player over 6 years running. Facebook “top fan” because I regularly comment and engage with your posts. I’ll circle back and get this goofy Braton variant at some point, but this just burns me up the way it happened today (for my gf and I both). Really bizarre that it worked yesterday for both of us but not today. We always login from our phones. Never a PC based browser. No issues until this week.

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10 hours ago, --Q--FSK41 said:

Do  u think I got it first try? this rewards people who stopped farming/playing the game,gives them access to something others had to play for without  even OPENING the game itself (just to redeem it later) , thats not ,,nice'' thats backstabbing people who play the game ,if DE gives out things for free why let me farm the first  two weeks =? and give it to people who didnt open the game since deimos launch=

I have 5000+ hours played and still don't have things that drop from basic enemies, let alone these 2% pieces that take a while to get to the certain wave if I get that far even, it just NEVER hits that 2%! 

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