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Glaive/pistol disappearing during dual-wield


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On two occasions now following the glaive update, I have encountered an issue with dual-wielding glaive/pistol in which one of the dual-wielded weapons becomes abruptly and completely inaccessible. 

The first instance occurred during free roam on Deimos, using Glaive Prime and Ballistica Prime. One moment the secondary/glaive were working normally; the next, I found myself completely unable to melee attack with the Glaive, although my secondary was still usable by itself. Effectively, it was as though I no longer had a melee weapon equipped at all. (Transference and entering/exiting Archwing did not fix this.)

The second instance, during a defense sortie, was much the same (using Glaive Prime with Zakti Prime this time), except this time the secondary disappeared instead. I was able to use the melee weapon normally, but the Switch Weapons key no longer recognized the existence of my secondary weapon; I lost access to my pistol for the remainder of the mission. 

Unfortunately, I don’t know what triggered this or how to replicate it. Has anyone else encountered this issue? 

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