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My Theory Behind The Whole Gradivus Dilemma


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Basicly, its just a big big scam. (This might sound like an insult, and/or whine, but read on!)


There never were any cryopods to be recovered on Sedna, and project Zanuka is basicly a big scheme in luring in Tenno to side with one faction against the other in a big puppet mastery show.


All during the meantime, the "allies" (frienimis, allimies, call em whatever u want, the faction your currently "friendly" with)

will scan your warframe (very secretly ofc, perhaps during the battles or something like that.. We cant see it anyhow, but we all know it can become quite chaotic during a full-on war)


Alad V & Sargas Ruk are still working togheter, the (now-decoded) transmissions were just a trap, to lure Tenno into enough close range to be able to scan them without trouble, and be able to get away safely with the scans of a tenno warframe. (ofcourse they knew Lotus would want to save some cryopods)


So we are now, just feeding the enemy alot of information about our warframes, when we side up with them!


Why i got this theory?


-The constant feeling of a loose-loose situation

-They announced about "Data-samples" to gather lore and information in livestream 16

-There are allready alot of "cryopods" out there, *cough* defense missions.. So why start a massive fight now?

-Sounds like a masterplan, thats very very secret *cough Zanuka Projekt cough*

(but i guess we just need to wait and see what "The Naka" project is)

edit: - Forgot to mention about the 2 factions not actually fighting tils your in the room, they are just chilling tils they see the Tenno is closing in on their location =P (ofc i dont want to blaim semi-poor programming)



But yea, i think both factions got enough cannon-fodder to support a big scam like this, (and perhaps most of the faction members doesnt even know about it, just a few trusted ones with the data-sample collecting tool/weapon)

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