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Please change Nunchaku Weapon Sounds


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After having just crafted and used the Pulmonars Nunchaku, I realized they have the same sound as the Ninkondi Prime.

What do I mean by that? Get your nunchuku of choice out of your inventory, go up to the Similacrum, and go hit the wall with a few melee swings.

What do you hear? I hear an aluminum baseball bat getting hit against something quickly. Now, on a Ninkondi Prime, that might be appropriate since it is made of metal, but the Pulmonars is an infested set of squishy plague orbs on two sticks. Where's the sound of wood against metal or flesh? Where's the splat of a chunky meat-slapper? Where's the sound of bone hitting metal? What do I get? The sound of someone flailing a baseball bat around...

Can we get some slightly more interesting sounds for the chucks please? I don't care for the hollow tube sound we get from the nunchucks right now, and honestly wish they had more unique sounds like with the chain moving as they're twirled along with the sound of the impact hitting various surfaces.

Make Pulmonars go "splash"!

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I just felt I needed to remind folks that this still needs to happen. I brought it up in Quiet Shy's Pulmonars review in the comments:


Worst part of the weapon is they don't make a splat sound when you hit things with them. It sounds like the generic "aluminum bat" sound when you hit anything. They're pulsing balls of goop! They should go SPLAT when you hit someone in the face with them, not CLANG!... unless you're a robot.

After just less than 1 day, it has 188 likes. I know the sound team can do good work. I just feel that copy-paste'ing the same sounds for the nunchucks is lazy, especially because the aluminum bat sound is just grating if/when you hit a wall or railing.

Make Pulmonars go Splash or Slap or something better than "Thwing!"

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