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Lets summarize quickly: Nemesis System


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  • Liches will appear as an alert on the starchart every 1 week


  • players can activate two liches at the same time as a limit


  • battles against liches will be indidivual for all players


  • the liches will have their own hierarchy
  • example:

Lich: this will be the lich

Guards: these will be divided into 4 minibosses in relation to the lich

Minions: these will be the normal enemies


  • To defeat the lich, players must first defeat the 4 guardians


  • To defeat the 4 guardians, the players must complete 3 corresponding missions for each of them and after the mission of assassination of a guardian will be unlocked


  • Players must defeat the 4 Guardians as each of the 4 will provide (guaranteed) the mods that players need to defeat the lich
  • Note: now liches will need 4 requiem mods to be defeated


  • rewards will not have RNG


  • The order of the Requiem mods will be a puzzle that the players themselves will have to decipher


  • by defeating the guardians the players will be able to decide whether to assassinate or recruit him and the same will happen with the minions and the lich


  • Killing a Guardian will earn players Relics
  • Note: the relic will be guaranteed


  • killing minions will give them relic shards
  • Note: 5 shards will be needed to create a relic


  • there will be 5 types of relic
  • Note: the relic and fragments of the guardians and minions will depend on the order of each of them (Guardian 1 = Relic 1) (Minion 1 = Relic Shard 1)


  • By recruiting Guardians, players will be able to use them in missions to help in battles
  • Note: this also happens with minions and liches
  • Note 2: there will be a recruitment limit


  • When recruiting Guardians, minions, or Liches , they will not give Relics or other rewards


  • killing a lich this will give it a token that players
  • Note: only liches give tokens


  • tokens can be exchanged with a vendor
  • Note: kuva, ephemera, etc. weapons will be offered by the seller.


  • each reward will have a different price
  • Example: kuva seer with 15% hit, 1 token as price (1 lich) / kuva seer with 30% hit, 3 tokens as price (3 lich)


  • the liches, guardians and minions will level up each time the players die in one of the missions


  • The lich will appear in missions after defeating the first 2 guardians


  • Liches will no longer have frame progenitors specifying their abilities



Conflict between liches:


(If the player activates 2 liches of different faction)


  • The player must choose a side


  • The liches will offer 2 tokens if you join one of them and an additional reward


  • The enemy lich will appear in all corresponding missions
  • Note: you can only hurt him (not kill him)


  • If the player fails a mission one of the guardians of the allied lich will die
  • Note: if the player fails 5 missions the allied lich will die (failure)


  • The player will be able to command the guardians and minions of the allied lich but will not be able to use the lich in missions
  • Note: the allied lich will help in missions after losing two missions



Changes to Relics:


  • Relic rewards will have no RNG


  • To open the relics, players must kill a certain amount of enemies that will depend on the reward they seek
  • Example: Forma - 50 kills
  • Note: Players can only choose a single relic reward


  • If the player dies twice with the relic this relic will be lost


+ Note: other relic changes will be discussed later in a separate topic.


Have a good day.


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