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Bow and Melee Weapon Animation Bug


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So, I am a very bow heavy player, and with every bow I've used so far (Mk1-Paris, Paris, Cernos, Dread), often when I have it equipped then switch to quick melee, the melee weapon appears to be in the off-hand instead of the main.

It appears to have no converse effects besides cosmetic, as the hit box seems to be in the same place and I am still able to damage enemies. However, it is very disorienting hitting enemies while looking like it's not hitting enemies, and not very pretty as the warframe animation still acts like the melee is wielded in the main hand.

Most times I am able to dispel this effect by aiming with my primary then going back to quick melee, but it still happens more times than desireable.

Not one of the most important bugs, but a bug nonetheless.

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