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Signature Weapons - Missing Signature Perks


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DE I know you talked about this once before but I haven't heard anything as an update of followup to this. If you check this wiki page: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Signature_Weapon , We have several weapons that have not gotten the "Signature" treatment.  

Back in Update 24.6.0 we got this little nugget, "Signature Weapon Changes:
Having a ‘signature’ weapon now actually benefits you! There are still a few signature weapons that will receive this treatment (Scourge, Hystrix, etc)." This was way back in April.

As a list of signature weapons that don't have the signature treatment:

Euphona Prime
Dual Keres

As a lover of spearguns the Scourge is one of the top weapons I like to use. But I have been waiting for signature weapons to be completed. It is good that the new weapons tied to frames are getting this but what about these nuggets of goodness? Any idea when we can see some of these get some Blessing of the Lotus on them?

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3 hours ago, IgnisDraconis4316 said:

This was way back in April.

April 2019.   Although they've added new signature weapons to new frames (and with Atlas Prime) since then.

One of many things where an update would be nice 


Honestly I'd be delighted if the update was,"Yeah, signature weapons.  Fun idea, but not worth the time with so many other things going on.  And really, making perks dependent on using one particular frame never felt quite right.  So the good news is, we're just going to make all the existing perks baseline."


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