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Hello everyone, I just encountered a bug with Xaku. I was doing the fissure quest, used his grasp of lohk and 3 things happened:

1: His grasp of Lohk would not turn off and when I tried to manually press the key once more it said "Ability in use" 

2: His guns would not shoot at the enemies at all. 

3: His grasp of lohk had a visual bug where it would stay on regardless of using archwing. It also had multiple weapons ontop of one another. 


Possible way to repeat this bug, I remember pressing his 2 ability Grasp of Lohk multiple times to get the most out of that ability, it may have bugged everything about it. 

Also, the planet was Venus, was doing the fissure quest. Hope this helps and hope this bug can be resolved. 

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This happens randomly in every type of mission. Settel Path, ESO, SO, fissures, invasions, etc. Recast isn´t the issue, sometimes it bugs out at the first try. 

There are some other reports of this bug (some images and video in some of them) in other sub Forums, in UI, Art & Animaton, in language and on general forum. 

Like this it is too scattered and may not be noticed.

@Mods, please merge for efficiency ?

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