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Bugged Mission types just happen to be the types I loathe anyway


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Been stuck using the same 2 melee for like ever. Easily same 2 for more than a year. Finally get a Melee Riven first time ever. 


"Pick up 13 Syndicate Items with an active pet present to unlock this riven."


 Picks up 8 in first mission, solo in a few minutes. 


 Picks up 8 more in Syndicate Disruption. ..wondering where enemies are hiding the whole time after killing a couple handfuls at start and seeing NO KEYS DROP FOR CONSOLES AT ALL. 


*Mission Failure countdown commences* No progress is counted including picking up Medallions. fml 


Picks up 0 in Syndicate Excavation because after incidentally completing over 400 Cryotic while searching entire map end to end multiple times, NO MEDALLIONS HAVE SPAWNED ON ENTIRE MAP. 


No other Syndicate Missions exist. 





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