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Obsidian Deko Armor locks warframes in place

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I just purchased the Divergence bundle pack and loved what I saw. But whenever I tried to put on the Obsidian Deko armor, my warframe would be locked in place. It still had movement animations, but it wouldn't move from where it was standing. The one time I did manage to move it, I went into a mission and was locked in place again at the start and was forced to abort the mission. I went to see if this was just because of the warframe I was using (Rhino Prime) or if this happened with others, and unfortunately it does happen with other warframes. I equipped the armor to Ash Prime, Nidus, Grendel, and Nyx Prime and all of them had the same locking in place problem

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Hadn't considered it was the armor. It has been happening since about the the time I bought it though. Sux. I like the Armor.

On 2020-12-02 at 9:16 AM, (PSN)xX_paulmagz_Xx said:

Been having the same issue, sometimes using operator mode to get out of it works, but why time you spawn/respawn in a mission or your orbiter, or use the arsenal and leave the arsenal the warframes get stuck, theres a sweet spot sometimes that you can escape through but it's not reliable


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