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okay hear this out infested orb vallis event with new modular weapons


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okay hear me out, what if there was a new event based on venus called Vallisfection and it's a story based event where the infestation was slowly taking over venus beneath the surface and the solaris first encounter it and with the planet under a major threat and the corpus needing the planet to be stable for profit and for their facilities they call for help 

 and that's were you step in, and the infestation is mysteriously weakened to void damage but resistant to normal damage so necramechs are required to face the ongoing threat, at the end you face a massive infested hive mind like boss that breaches through the ground and that's about 5 times taller than a necramech and it requires team coordination with a team of necramechs to kill it 

and these grant various awards like necramech mods, mech augments, legendary skins, infested arch guns, modular archwings, and hell maybe even modular archguns that can be made from either infested, corpus, or grineer based parts, that would be bonkers

then again these are my ideas and what do you think of it? 

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