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Make the beam from beam weapons visually unique


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One of the things I liked about the Nukor is the visual uniqueness of the beam.



But now you have taken away what made the weapon fun because you wanted the kuva nukor to have it chain to enemies this is not necessary when the ocucor exists, you could have made that weapon have that feature or just make a new weapon with that feature.

If it was me I would rather the kuva nukor not to have the chain feature so it can look visually pleasing, DE you need to revert the nukors back to the ring beams it use to have.

Also, the other beam weapons looks the same and doesn’t offer anything unique visually, here are some examples.

Kuva Nukor


kuva nukor by Aaronj-c




ocucor by Aaronj-c




embolist by Aaronj-c




gammacor by Aaronj-c




spectra by Aaronj-c


As you can see, they look lack lustre. You could make it have a square or a triangle beam or make it look like snakes something, if you can do a glaive rework then you can surely do a simple thing as change the visual beam affects of current and future weapons.

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