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After i tested on Arcane Residual Viremia.

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First sorry for my bad english.

This is one of hearth broken i discovered in this deimos arcana update.

all of residual arcane i have and tested not deal scaling damage by mod setup at all ... result of very low damage that barely kill anything even at lvl5 enemy

first here is build of catchmoon kitgun i use on this arcane residual viremia.(maxed rank)


and here is vid about it actual damage in mission.

My Question is what's the point to use this arcane... it deal like "30 toxic damage per tick" on "NON-armor unit" level25! as it have red health bar and toxic damage bypass enemy shield.

Second this arcane i use is maxed rank ... to triggered it effect it need to kill enemy with kitgun with 20% chance... also theorem arcane that use on your warframe can't be active alone by it own... it must active from stand near Residual arcane effect... so u sacrifice your useful arcane on your warframe and install this arcane on your kitgun just for deal 30 damage per tick?

i feel like i get insult to farm this arcane and playtest it... i hope this is NOT intended.

What u think about this arcane please share your thought... and thank you. also please watch at 720 for more detail sorry for my bad quality vid. :(



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add correct picture.
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An unmodded mk1 braton is stronger than the residuals. Instead of doing flat damage with a 20% chance to proc, they should work similarly to pax seeker: proc 100% of the time and instead of doing flat 40 damage, let them do 40% of the killing shot as toxin damage (similar for the other residuals). There is no good reason to have the residuals ask for a kitgun and a warframe arcane slot to even get anything out of it. This is why I think that the theorems are inherently irredeemable and should straight up be retired.

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new bounties are a complete waste of time. good hotfixes have to come here. even if you can find a reasonable group from lfg, it is still not worth it. maybe only if you want to sell damage parts, for example.
we played t2 and got mele parts very quickly. and then nobody wanted to play it again. 🤣

i see the whole thing as a big test.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb Dreadlox:

If DE implrment the arcane transmute in the future, the only use this arcane to reroll some actual useful arcanes with it. :D A Huge joke.

i liked kitguns because there is unlimited ammo. no way i gonna put this crap instead pax charge.

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The Residuals seem to be as bad as they are due to how powerful the Theorem ones can potentially be.

But Theorems are still bad due to how slow and random the entire gimmick is and that it's coming at the cost of two arcane slots. The gimmick needed a full on rework even though they did buff the Theorem values a lot from the test cluster and fixed the Residual zones being tied to the corpse location.

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Yeah they are all crap and are only for setting up the Theorem frame arcanes, not any useful on their own. Everyone unanimously concluded they were garbage and told DE... but no, DE still released them without reworking. 

The cherry on this dump is that some Theorem arcanes dont even function

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2 hours ago, Monolake said:

The cherry on this dump is that some Theorem arcanes dont even function

I wonder how someone would feel about getting their first arcane after hours of grind and it doesn't work.


As for OP:

Thank you for your hard work. It's very appreciated.

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