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ok good morning, when do yall think we could be able to revive our sentinels like we can players and companions,cause i hate it when mine dies (and yes i have primed regen on it ,but it doesn't always work. so for instance when it dies it drops to the ground and we can revive it. something to think about.

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Vulpaphylas (and Djinn before that even) have shown that immortal Companions aren't out of the question for DE,
so not least in light of that, I'll repeat my thoughts on Companion survival:

Make all Companions immortal, but have them enter a cooldown state for their offensive capabilities
(not stuff like Animal Instinct / Vacuum / Mod set boni) when they take "lethal" damage.

That would make the current Health etc Mods / defensive options still have a purpose,
stuff like Bleed Out Mods / Regen / Reawaken would be reworked to affect that cooldown.

And while we're at it, whether or not it's in addition to the above,
make Companions invincible (and stop attacking) while you're using your Operator.

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