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Mechs still lose all xp gained on host migration (after being fixed in hotfix!)


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I went ahead and joined a random public OV squad because the latest change notes mentioned mech xp lost on host migration being fixed... but after host decided to just leave, lost all my mech xp.

I killed some drones with mech to make it appear again and it was the same level I started with, what a waste of time :(

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I came here to rant because I tried to be friendly to my party and leave so they could continue and the host migration STILL took all my affinity. I would like to refer to the latest patchnotes '

  • Fixed Clients losing all Necramech Affinity gained in mission after a Host Migration.

But this has been #*!%ed up ever since the first mech was released. How can this still not be treated as a HUGE priority to really look into and fix.



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