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Isolation vault bounties are negatively impacted by worm-time changes!


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What I mean by "worm-time change" is when one of the worms in skybox kills the other, dropping the other color of giblets around the map, I forget what the actual name for this is but I will refering to it as worm-time change xD.


The issue from title happened 3 times now, today was the 3rd time.

All of them had the worm time change during the bait stage and all of them caused the current iso vault tier to be effectively ignored, wether it was T2 or T1 (didn't have it happen during T3 yet but I'm sure the same behavior occurs).

Today's instance for example, we just started the bounty and worm time got changed during the wait-for-bait-to-cook. After we finished the bounty (without opening vault), the mother from the right side of the map (the abscess) had iso vault of level 30-40, tier 1 again.

The tier was indeed confirmed once we reached the necramech kill stage, giving us only 1 mech.

Then we did iso vault on the mother in the left side of the map (catabolic gutter) and that was level 40-50 and gave us 2 necramechs to kill.

Then the middle mother (undulatum) where we did tier 1 had the level 50-60 iso bounty, once it started it skipped the bait part and proceeded to the toxic phase.


To sumarize, we did 4 iso vault bounties in the same seession to reach tier 3, because T1 didn't count because of the worm-time changing during the bounty.

I don't think worm time resets it though, because a while ago we had this happen on T2 bounty and it also didn't unlock T3 for us but we could do T2 again, we didn't need to go back from T1 like before the arcana update.


EDIT: I still have the EE.log from that play stored separately, but it also has lots of other missions too, let me know if you want me to send it to support and link the ticket.

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