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Reduce Clan Tier



Me and my friends are trying to reduce our clan tier from shadow to Ghost.

We have no barracks and are at 8 members, yet everytime we try to reduce the clan, we get an error telling us we need to complete or abort rooms in order to do so. We've searched high and low canceling all rooms and decorations possible but it still gives us this error. We can't find what's causing us to be unable to reduce our clan tier. 

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23 hours ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

Could be a bug, hard to say without seeing the dojo. It should just require that any rooms that have been started but not fully contributed to, cancel their construction if there are any, lifts etc. Same with any ongoing research.

Does ongoing research cause this as well? I dont even know how to cancel research. I couldn't find the option for it

23 hours ago, taiiat said:

should only need the Barracks that unlocks the Tier to be destroyed, and maybe no Rooms under construction.

if you've met that criteria and it's still not working, talk to Support.

We have no barracks and there are no pending rooms. They're all fully constructed.

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We ended up contacting support, and after they told us "delete the room in construction" we reopened the ticket and said WE CANT and nothing happened until I just so happened to stumble upon an "empty room" that I couldn't create another room in cuz "one was already there."


So once I found it showed it to support they manually deleted the room and we were able to reduce

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