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Arcana bounties stages often don't start when players are in the specified zone


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In arcana when a new bounty stage starts that has a large yellow area for players to get to, often reaching that area (or being already in it) does not actually start the stage.

And it seems it doesn't spawn the needed props for the stage to even work, because I did explore the areas in hopes of it triggering and after we left the area and came back, the props (entrati device, purifier, cauldron, etc) spawned in rooms that I've already visited during the yellow-area exploration.


Don't have any shots or video but it's pretty annoying, and fixing it for players isn't clear cut either, usually we leave the yellow area and come back in and sometimes that works, but other times it doesn't and people just randomly roam around until it starts. (And I do have to stress it's NOT because we didn't find the exact zone where the props spawn, it's because they do NOT spawn, as proven by them spawning later in the same areas we've already checked).


I have the EE.log stored separatedly from when I hosted this game today, has lots of other missions in it too but let me know if you want it sent to support.

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