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How to Gara?



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2 hours ago, d0n41dth3gr34t said:

Her gameplay loop is activate your second, create a shield with your fourth, then detonate the shield with your one while standing outside the shield.

Just want to add one small thing to this: Bring a sentinel and cast 2 on it as well. That way you essentially double the damage from your splinter storm! 

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Shattered Lash does pretty good Damage, and when you detonate Mass Vitrify with it, Mass Vitrifys' Damage gets amplified by Shattered Lash.
this can then be fairly considerable AoE Damage. 

Mass Vitrify is also a pretty solid defensive wall, too. moreso if it passes over Enemies during the Cast, as that increases the Health.
remember that it falls from your location, so if you want a taller wall, Casting it from higher will do that. and you can stop the expansion at any time by canceling the Ability.


Splinter Storm protects you from most Melee Enemies, and also offers 90% DR, which is convenient. it also absorbs the Damage from Mass Vitrify if you were within Range of it when it detonates (and resets the Duration of it). now, while this is a neat feature that you get some free Damage. if you focus on stacking this, you're literally wasting tons of time, that you could have Killed any Enemies you ever walk near much faster with anyways. it's neat that you can do it, but it's also an extremely slow way to Kill Enemies.
so.... probably just focus on the free DR.

also, the splinter Storm Augment is not half bad, the number doesn't seem impressive but remember that you have 90%DR anyways, so it's more than it seems like relative to the Damage you will be taking in. plus that it includes Enemies that have Splinter Storm, so having quite a few instances up simultaneously isn't that uncommon. so you might very well have 30/sec before Strength, on top of the 90% DR.
the Augment is legitimately worth considering, because of that.


Spectrorage is a good enough CC/aggro Ability, and also does decent Damage - but, Mass Vitrify will largely outclass it in Damage to say the least, so at face value the Ability might seem not that useful.
that being said, if you want to distract Enemies away from a Health based Objective, that's a good way to do it. or to draw them in so you can Cast Mass Vitrify over top of them.
additionally, the Augment can create a whackton of Energy Orbs, provided that Enemies are actually getting close to Spectrorage itself. which if you have fairly high Range, can be a pretty good sized area. so that can allow Spectrorage to be a pretty powerful source of Energy Orbs, if that's something you might want.

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Gara is a very good frame, I would suggest building for duration with some decent efficiency and range, and about 130 strength.

her first ability takes on the raw damage mods from your equipped melee weapon. it can be used for cheap damage and for detonating your 4th ability

her second ability gives her 90% damage reduction at 130 power and creates a damage aura around gara. any enemies within this area gets tick damage based on the amount of damage stacked up on her ability. it also has an augment to give you health regeneration

her third ability crowd controls enemies within the circle of mirrors, each time a mirror breaks, damage is added to your second ability. it also has an augment for generating energy orbs

her fourth ability generates a glass shield that expands over time, it is a channeled ability that scales with duration. Activating this ability will refresh the duration on your second ability. When detonated by her first, the glass ring will shatter with damage from your first ability. if you are standing outside the ring with her second ability active, the damage from the explosion is added to your second ability.


Her gameplay loop is activate your second, create a shield with your fourth, then detonate the shield with your one while standing outside the shield.

I would only put on enough power strength to get 90% damage reduction since the damage you can stack on your second ability is based more on your melee mods. having a large energy pool and efficiency would help in building up your damage fast. duration is important as more duration means you do not need to cast your fourth as often to reset the duration. range is based on preference, you can max out on range but then you need to travel more of a distance to reach the outside of the shield to stack damage and the size of your damage aura radius is not going to grow significantly with high range.

if you want to swap an ability with helminth, swap her third ability. It is useful for other frames but Gara has no ability to group up enemies in the small area of the mirrors to generate a significant number of energy orbs. adding in another ability to group together enemies to use her third  would result in a more significant functionality loss than switching out her third

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Can you guys talk about exactly which melee mods help lash?  

I have always love max range gara and focusing on her augmented 3 which can keep her pretty safe but just generate tons of energy for the rest of my squad.   I love that build.   But I to have been attempting to learn the way of the splinter in anticipation of playing her MORE.  

I use co/weep/blood on all my melees now...  I did a lith fissure w/ splinter build and would get about 7k damage per wall break.  I managed to stack it up to around 80k before I dropped the combo =/.   But I talked to a dude who said he gets around 80-160k per wall break.  

I find it extremely difficult to build up melee combo as Splinter Gara,  the person teaching me said he uses Well of Life to trap an enemy and beat on them for the combo??  Would blood altar do the same lol ?? 

The bigger issue for me is the range of splinters.  2-4m for all that juicy damage...  If im waiting for enemies to be that close I might as well be using melee and just focusing on melee combo.


Gara is a bit wierd...

  • Smashing her wall should add the damage no matter where your standing.  Inside the eye of the tornado of glass shards makes waaaaay more sense than standing in the area of effect.....   
  • Lash should be able to break the wall from anywhere... If MV has 40+ range...dont make me go hunt for the wall lol.  (when im using splinter build I control the wall's range but still)
  • Splinter range should be 10-15m by defaut!!  Like max 15-20m buffed.  A big enough AoE to extend well past melee range,  but small enough to not nuke maps and force you to move around.   

I am trying a hybrid range/str build.  When I get some damage stacks on, I find myself running around like a crazy Nezha lol.   I took this hybrid into a murmur farm and my damage output was horrible (although I was having fun)

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shattered lash does not actually have critical or status chance so using weeping wounds and blood rush does not actually do anything. conditional overload and faction specific damage would not do anything as well since it is an ability. stacking raw damage in the form of damage mods, elemental mods, and either puncture or slash would create more damage for shattered lash. as for combo, some of the combo multiplier is added to the damage of shattered lash but getting combo counter when anything near you dies is difficult unless you remember that blocking gives you combo counter.

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