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Fortuna is broken 😡 🤦🏼


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My game keeps crashing every time I try to do exploiter orb. Also I can’t do thermia fractureI almost lost my Xbox last week cause of fortuna.🤬You guys can’t control this game or what? Can you guys make another way to farm arcane in this garbage because this stupid tree I’m tired with it.😡🤬🤦🏼I’m going to stop playing  this garbage cause it require too much.That’s one of stupidest game I ever played in my life. I hate the way people rank up in this game.Everything in this garbage is stupid ridiculous. They need to have punishment  for those people who keep leaving the squad when you in the middle of a mission with them.They should not give those players nothing when they leave the squad in the middle of a mission.🤬It’s annoying🤬 I spent my entire time playing to get that necramech on 😡Deimos😡 I can’t do S#&$ with it when I got it. I feel like it’s a golden 💩💩💩sitting in my arsenal 🤦🏼We need 200 capacity for this thing.those mods cannot fit in. to get those mods it’s a pain in the a**. Why you guys have to make things so complicated It’s just a game we killing NPC’s,machine’s not other players🤬. You guys know how to create game but you guys don’t know how to control it.I’m getting tired of this garbage just so you guys know. and I’m not the only one who is getting tired of it. All my family tried to play this game but they can’t because the game require too much they don’t like it how stupid it is to get things.

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