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Sound files are missing or corrupt


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Hello plz I need help to fix the game music all the audio bars set to 100 but still when I go to (tenno room, Fortuna little duck, mother) or any for that matter I only hear the first 2 seconds of the theam song and it just Stat over as a loop I really want a fix for it and yes I unistalled and re installed it still same problem plz help me (in ship music not working as well only the one I made for octevia but others they just skip) 


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Please double-check that all the volume sliders in the Audio Options menu are set to 100% on.

If that doesn't work then check your Windows sound settings to make sure you have everything hooked up correctly.  Also, in Options->Sound check to make sure the audio output device is the correct one for your system.

If trying the above does not work then try this:

1. On the Warframe launcher, click the little gear icon on the top right.  In the Download Cache section hit "Verify" and "Optimize".

2. If that doesn't work then please try re-installing the game.

Let us know if any of these solutions work.

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