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Making Nekros Fun


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Nekros has always been in a weird spot, everybody plays him only when they think they need to and never because they want to
which is a shame since he has such a cool and unique theme.
im not saying he cant stand on his two feet because he can, im saying his playstyle falls short of other warframes in terms of fun and efficiency (outside of resource farming ofc)

so im going to try to rework theory on Nekros to make him more fun, engaging and viable

1. soul punch is pretty lacking even after the recent changes, it has negligible effects on single targets in a game where you are constantly hoarded by enemies
lets make it an AOE cone type attack that guarantees all enemies hit by it will be prone to mercy finishers (cant have enough excuses to use those) the mercied enemy will then turn into a shadow even when his 4 isnt active

2. terrify is counter intuitive in almost all cases that matter, aside from mobile defense, interception, sabotage, spy using the ability would actively be sabotaging the mission i want enemies to not run away plz
so instead lets make terrify a duration based ability and for its duration enemies that enter its range will take 40% increased damage from all sources (since armour strip is useless against some factions) and instead of running away enemies just fall to their knees and tremble, enemies killed under the effects of terrify will heal SoTD by 20% of their max hp and nekros by 5%

3. desecrate is desecrate, it makes Nekros meta despite his lacking in other fields but its not perfect
its borderline unusable unless you have the despoil augment equipped which makes the mod a non-option and thats a waste of a totally good mod slot so lets just integrate despoil into his kit permanently without the need for the augment and instead the augment causes enemies that are desecrated to give Nekros 100 additional armour for 5 seconds for each enemy desecrated stacking up to 1.k armour at a time scaling with power strength

4. shadows of the dead are just a bunch of cannon fodder rn tbh plz buff their damage by a lot and let Nekros heal them by killing enemies affected by terrify shield of shadows is a great augment but id like my shadows to not block my gunfire and act as cannon fodder against me and my team mates as well so id like projectiles and gunfire to just go through them as if they were ghostly spirits or smthing

this is just my opinion on how Nekros could be made better if you disagree with anything lemme know what it is and why

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