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We have some sound control but it is not enough still


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There is some control over in-game sounds but in my opinion we need some more volume controls (those can be put into separate advanced sounds tab):

1) Nekramech movement(the most intrusive sound set, while sounds themselves are not bad they are too loud in most cases)

2) Background excluding containers(especially on Deimos - there background is loud and sometimes people have jumpscares from huge worms making their idle talks)

3) Own gunfire

4) Own melee

5) Own abilities

6) Containers

7) Hit(maybe headshot) acknowledge sounds(with fast guns sounds like "pfrpttttttttttt").

8) Enemy gunfire

9) Enemy voices

10) Ore detector sounds

11) Ore miner sounds

12) Tickbox to disable invisibility sound muffling.

13) Fish bubbling sounds


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More things to add :

1. Boss transmission.

2. Lotus transmission.

3. Town NPC transmission : affects Konzu, Mother, Eudico, Little Duck, etc.

4. Town NPC background chatter.

5. Relay NPC background chatter.

6. Ally Abilities

7. Ally weapon sounds.

8. Syndicate Vendor transmission

9. Open World Vendor chatter sound.


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