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Pilot bug in Realjack mission.


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When I play a Realjack mission from a friend, I always get 2 bugs. These are 2 different bugs. The first time I'm in the pilot seat, I can get out but the front turret was stuck inside me. My friends didn't see this. Because of this I couldn't do anything, I couldn't shoot, roll, nothing.

The second bug is that I'm in the pilot seat, but I'm stuck in it. I can look around me but for the rest I can't do anything. I can't get out. The ship itself is stuck in one place.

evidence of bug 1.

https://youtu.be/29ql87swBJg here is a video of the bug 2. (If it is not working let it know!) --> resolution is strange because my screen is higher resolution than my graphics card can handle. 


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