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Stalker's Lore Idea


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Hello! This is my first time posting on here, so..hi! 

Anyways, an idea came to me when I read about the "stalker". Him/it being a rogue tenno and all. But what if you could somehow get inside his/its head? Say, a portal maybe? You can decide. The story starts with the "Lotus" taking an interest in the stalker, and wondering why he went rogue.


A device gets made specifically for us (tenno) to somehow get into the stalkers head (with a limit, maybe?), thus giving us a new-ish type map. A dark, sinister place where weird/scary beings lurk in and shadows creeping in every corner. These examples could all have been from stalker's previous memories. Resulting us Tenno into fighting our way through stalkers memories (a.k.a the dark beings, or anything really) to find out why/how he went rogue or why he became as he is now. It might be a bit too early for this, but feel free stating your opinions. Even change the story a bit if you'd like, just wanted to share bits of my idea.

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With the new codex, we will be able to "probe" the Stalker to learn more about it when that system gets implemented. And how do you know the Stalker isn't female? :o


Well..if you look closely at stalker's picture on the wikia, you can see the body shape resembling the male more (in my opinion). Or if you have seen the stalker in-game it might be a bit clearer. But who am I to decide, he/she/it could be a female for all I know. As long as he/she/it remains mysterious. 

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