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Recasting Grasp of Lohk can erase ALL replicas


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In brief: So if you have N < Max replicas, you can have 0 replicas as a result of recasting the ability (all your energy are belong to us, here's a detriment in return).

My hypothesis is that this is triggered by casting Grasp of Lohk just as all nearby enemies are dying/about to die. And the result is Grasp of Lohk replaces your extant replicas with 0 replicas (essentially resets the ability as if it were never casted in the first place!). This seems like a bug because I can't think of why you would want to punish players for using Grasp of Lohk with essentially 0 enemies around.

This is a bug right? It has to be!

Here's why this bug is really really bad:

  • Extant replicas can easily kill all nearby enemies as you recast of Grasp of Lohk to add missing replicas to your collection (only all your extant replicas are erased as a result of the ability).
  • Team mates will probably kill all nearby enemies before Grasp of Lohk's cast animation completes bringing your N extant replicas down to 0 of them as a result (haven't confirmed this).

Anyway... if this is not the trigger for this (and it does happen uncommonly... it's not a rare occurrence). There is some condition where recasting Grasp of Lohk erases all the replicas resetting the ability as if it were never used in the first place. And it's mildly annoying... Just have to be sure to hide behind a wall and recast the ability so your replicas don't kill everything at the same time!

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