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Piloting in Railjack Missions are Bugged


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So far I have collected information for every mission currently for the railjack selection. This includes earth, saturn proxima and the veil. 

Let's get to the point: As host, you can pilot freely, where you can use any avionic/tactical without major bugs. Example: when using seeker volley, tether, void hole, particle ram (and it's feature to release it as a projectile to do damage in a linear path), the host will indeed do damage when shooting it. 

However, as a client you can use each selected ability yet it does not do damage. 

You can shoot the pilot's guns and it will not do damage. 

If you shoot into tether, it will tether enemies and detonate it as intended but not do any damage, hence the ability is wasted while consuming Flux Energy. 

If you shoot into munitions vortex, damage has almost a 50% chance to not register and waste flux energy. 

The rest is basically a copy of the prior explanations. 


Hopefully this gets fixed. I've been trying to grind out standing with my clan and friends so they can get their mastery up, but it gets tiresome as always killing for 2-4h at a time without break. 

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