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Weapon ideas-Custom/Smuggler Weapons


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These are merely a collection of weapon ideas which that can be added to any syndicate and some might have "lore tabs" to explain their origins. Also players can "infuse" Fraction damage mods and certain common mods (NOT the primed versions) and for each forma increase the added innate perk by 5-10%* 

Via Teshin [placeholder]

  • Long barrel Magnus
  • Ronin Dual Skanas (ground finishers create a puncture based blastwave & increase movement speed by 20% for x seconds) 
  • Hunter Veldlt (Damage enemies appear on the map for X seconds-visual affects is seeing a pulsing "X" that slowly fades) (Isotope rounds enemies killed release an radiation pulse, 3 kills allow for temporally full-auto mode)  
  • Keen eye  Lato (built in suppressor and can switch from semi to full auto) Lore Tab: "It might not be much but it reliable" -The Man with the neck tattoo
  • Mother goose Buzlok(reload on par with grinlok, headshots causes shields to recharge faster) Lore Tab: "I remember when I first got my hands on it and a weapon kit spent hours making it my own" -Little Duck
  • Custom Argonak(Faster Holster speed) Lore Tab: "Move fast think fast for hesitation will get you killed, that the first thing Oldman Cass taught me" -The Man with the neck tattoo
  • Tau hybrid rifle(rounds bounce off surfaces)
  • Dual Heat daggers Lore Tab: "Its better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it" -Cass Veteran Smuggler 
  • Outlaw Sniper( recon scope bolt action headshot kill drop additional ammo) Lore Tab: "Make a strong argument to the Grineer from a safe distance" -Smuggler proverb


  • Drakeater- Greatbow fires arrows that releases a gas that slows targets
  • Simaris sniper rifle that has a scope that works just like a Synthesis scanner-for each successful kill bonus damage against that fraction (up to 50%)
  • Blackwing Attica/Crossbow for each kill a Condroc Familiar (max 3) is spawned to aid in battle

Post ideas and opinions below. 

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Made me think of a system I posted once where Darvo could sell recycled or "bootleg" weapons for cheap in exchange for Favors accrued through daily Clem missions- most of these were just extant weapons you could find in the Market that came pre-crafted at the cost of a missing or "wrong" mod polarity compared to the normal version, but some were functionally new weapons that were either clearly improvised, damaged or defective enough to make them behave distinctly from the original, or perhaps even just mundane tools or hardware that were dangerous enough to others if misused that Darvo tried marketing them as weapons to the Tenno on the off-chance one might fall for it.

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