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I want more like Kuria

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Hello all, just wanting to voice my opinion and get your feedback on this less important topic/side quests. 

I had enjoyed farming Kuria, added some good replay value for me, to have a need to go back to some planets/missions that I hadn't touched since going through the start chart the first time. 

Would anyone else be interested if DE were to add more things to find/hunt down/scan to be able to get a ship decoration or something?

Even if DE add the option to re-scan the Kuria for a larger decoration, would totally go back and do it again and again to have like a russian doll effect with Kurias. 

Whats your thoughts on this or is there any news DE is thinking of this that I might not be aware of, let me know.

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I differently have plenty to scan regarding codex scans for items but more after things that can get you a decoration or something for doing them. 

Cephalon fragment: seem to be missing some so will need to look into that. 

Yep did the POE Thousand-Year Fish Fragments, nice fish decoration added to my POE section of my ship and the Fortuna fragments. 

Also did the partnership fragments, the corpus ship tenets, somachord and frame fighter.  


I think the Tenets was the last thing DE added or is there something we can look for in Deimos?

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Agreed we got a few tilesets that don't have any Kuria or special scannable that could be nice to add some more world lore.  

I'm annoyed we didn't get any deco item for doing the partnership fragment, and how deimos had like no scanables in the open world to hunt down. 

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For some reason DE couldn't even make open worlds worth exploring despite environmental design and locations hinting on something - its especially bad with Fortuna, almost everything is a dead decoration never used for anything, not worth a visit.  I dont think there are any secrets or 'easter eggs' in Plains/Fortuna

Deimos vaults have secrets that you could explore, but there is no collectable.   I guess you can hunt animals if you like such 'searching' gameplay and earn bunch of decorations for it but that doesn't give you a sensation of discovery. The open worlds are totally underused and feels like DE didn't know how to make them work at all.

And in normal levels you could search for syndicate medallions. Also caches - go for Infested ones and you can find very valuable mobs if you are lucky, cant recall if other missions caches gave any worthy rewards.  Then there are some really cool Lua secrets and challenges and secrets on Jupiter tileset - they all drop special mods and even a forma.  But that becomes old quickly once you've done it. I really loved Lua level design with all its secrets and tricky spy vaults.  So check all that if you haven't. 

Maybe there is some more that I forgot?


Also you should make a topic in feedback/levels if you want any chance for devs to see it.  Devs dont read this part of forum.

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