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Ship customization issues

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  1. We can rotate the Lander in shop or link, but not when we're customizing colors, which renders engine color customization a difficult thing when we can't rotate the LC to see the rear -- the only place we can really see the engine color. We used to be able to do so, yet a previous update ceased this function.
  2. Was trying to color the interior of my Orbiter from by the arsenal. Got quite frustrated when trying to view the arsenal because no matter where I looked first before customizing, the camera seems to have magnetism and kept looking at the foundry no matter where I oriented first. Much like how the arsenal can rotate your frame if you're not hovering over the left side in a palette, can the same be applied to the orbiter to pan the camera around to see how the color applies rather than the camera being auto-restricted to whatever it feels like? 
    1. In Cockpit or the Operator's Chamber, it's to the left side of the ship, but definitely the Foundry in the main section. Operator's Chamber, I was looking to the right side; cockpit, I was looking straight out the window.
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