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Additional Conservation Critters for the Plains of Eidolon

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So, just noticed this a few days ago, but there are currently seven conservation species for the Orb Vallis and Cambion Drift, but only four for the Plains of Eidolon. Allow me to offer some suggestions to bump up that number:

Serberis: These venomous reptiles are commonly found in caves. Grineer excavations and the arrival of Vasca Kavats have caused a massive drop in their numbers, necessitating conservation efforts to preserve the.

Wanted to include this one ever since it was mentioned in Toxic Terrors. These monitor lizard like predators can only be found in certain caves on the plains. They will attack if they spot you and require two darts to knock out. They can occasionally be found in the open, and will sometimes be seen fighting Vasca Kavats. Dialogue from Teasonai will reveal that the kavats often eat their eggs, which has contributed to their decline.

Magnacervus: An spectacularly antlered deer, valued by the Ostron both as food an beasts of burden. Large enough to ride. Herds are managing well despite the arrival of the Grineer, but Vasca Kavat attacks are beginning to deplete their numbers. Take two darts to tranquilize. Both genders have antlers, males simply have larger ones.

Appenni Kubrow: The apex predator of the plains, these canids primarily hunt Magnacervus, though individuals will attempt to kill Kuaka. Grineer efforts to tame them have so far been met with failure. Appenni varieties are named after different mythical wolves - common are Amarok, from Native American myths, uncommon are Romulus, after the mythical founder of Rome, while the rarest are named Fenris, after the wolf that will kill Odin.

So, your thoughts?

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On 2020-12-20 at 9:58 PM, Necrogenisis said:

Pretty great tbh. We definitely need some more critters in PoE.

Yes, we do.

Some notes on the choices I included here: 

The Appenni Kubrow was the first creature I decided on - both because all other landscapes have a kubrow predator on them and because it didn’t make sense for Vasca Kacats to hunt the large herbivore I was going to include here (which eventually became the Magnacervus). After all, everything must be preyed upon by another creature at some point in its life.

The serberis is supposed to have unique mechanics for capturing it depending on the time of day - if you find some during the morning portions of the Day-Night cycle (as well as during the evening portions before night really sets in), you can find them basking on rocks and can rescue them without using tranquilizers, on the grounds that they are too exhausted to attack or escape.

The Magnacervus went through several different interactions, including at seperate points being a bison and a type of bovid. These were rejected because those didn’t seem tamrable and would likely be teetering toward extinction with no hope of recovery due to the level of Grineer occupation, while deer still seem to be able to survive in this kind of environment.

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