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Mastery slates, how are you using them in your ship?


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Hi all, now that we get these decorations, wanted to get some inspiration from you creative people. How have you used them in your orbiter?

Unlike other decorations can't seem to walk through these, i ended up making a mall by mistake blocking my path. 

Share any creative picks please. 

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I made a big pile of them in the helminth area. I will take a picture later to show it off. 

Most are here by ol' Helminthboy (btw for those with keen eyes he is certainly teething on a grineer articula...)


I didn't pile all 30 of them under the helminth. I've got a few smaller piles stacked here and there, with the rank 30 hanging on the wall. I've gone with a "I'm a child and this is my messy-room spaceship" theme.

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In the back room there is a accent coloured section on the roof, this section leads from the door straight toward the operator chair. On that section I placed them increasing in MR toward the chair. I placed them so their cracks are always in the same spot, this puts some of the slabs upside down compared to the MR icon. I have currently placed up to MR 22 as I've yet to have a reason to do the MR tests.  I somewhat wish we had an MR 0 slab, that way it can show all the MRs you've been at instead of all the MR tests you've passed. (but that would be a lot of work to update as each slab would have to move up one space)

So far the slabs reach up to the 3rd rising section. I estimate that it will sadly be a bit short of ending above the tip of the chair. My logic is that it is showing the progression from warframe to tenno. A change in association from being a master of a frame to being a master of yourself and thus a master of all your tools.

(I usually like adding some backstory to decorations to give it a reason to be there other than just aesthetics, And it turns a 5 minute tour of my ship into an hour long exploration. Sadly wont be adding images.)

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