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Planets and factions


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Also, the faction for a mission is shown on the navigation screen when you click on a node. If it is different for different missions (Normally as a result of hunting a kuva lich), then the main faction will also be displayed in the form of a sample enemy.

So since Mars was the location of a civil war that resulted in the Corpus getting pushed almost completely off the planet, only 2-3 nodes are permanently Corpus. The rest are either Grineer or Dark Sector. Dark Sector missions are always infested.

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planets are usually owned by one faction, but there are exceptions to some nodes:

- Dark Sectors, which are Zones where the infestation has taken control and are quarantined from the rest of the system. only Infested can be found here.

- Crossfire nodes: Ultor (Mars) and Plato (Lua) are the frontline between Grineer and Corpus, both of them appear here fighting each other. in Lua's case Sentients can appear too. Valac and Armaros (both Europa) are also classed as Crossfire, where Corpus fight Infested (though it incorrectly states Grineer)

- Mars, which was the site of one of the largest clashes between Corpus and Grineer. the Corpus retained Tharsis, Gradivus and some of Ultor, but lost the rest of the planet.

- Lua, which has been contested since coming out of the Void. the Corpus own most of Lua's far side, the Grineer own much of the rest. IIRC, both factions fight on Pavlov too.

then of course you have invasions, where if the invader wins, they occupy that node for 24 hours. personally I would love for invasions to be more like actual campaigns, where you can choose to help the faction of your choice take over an entire planet, not just a few nodes. 

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