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Stasis kubrow



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Welcome to the forums tenno.

Well technicly yes if you create another one and let it be a cub and let the current one not active on your loadout. ( well it used to be so you can have a little kubrow cub run around and because he can't follow in missions he does not degrade )

But some changes has been made and technicly with the "i die if you dont keep my life above 0%" is gone so don't worry about that part.

The nutrio augment can also greatly decrease the health stability turning it into 5%   now i'm old actualy nutrio just negate the decreasing health^.^ 

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Just now, trunks013 said:

Wait is it 

Egg incubation reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours.

Daily DNA degradation rate is reduced from 5% to 0%.

or it has changed ?

That is correct now, with the incubator upgrade kubrows and kavats don't lose their bonus health, kubrows will still lose loyalty though.

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I don't get the Kubrow Loyalty (read: bonus damage) degradation. Dogs as we all know: are loyal and faithful to their owners much more than cats yet Kubrows are stuck with max of 3 interactions to keep the bonus damage stocked up. Kavats lose neither stat- can rub those kitty noses all day or leave them in Orbiter take a couple days break, return and kitty has 100% in both. Leave a Kubrow for just over 24 hrs and Loyalty drops 10%- makes no sense.

Not sure about Predasites or Vulpaphylas as I have neither yet but I guess they follow Kavats making Kubrows left out to make even less sense...

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