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How to be a good host; how much upload?



So, i have a question, how much upload do you need in order to be considered a good (or at least tolerable) host? i usually don't host games and i avoid being the host, but....it's... complicated, let me explain.

Right now i have like 9/9.4 mb upload and download (on the speedtest) and an average ping of 6/8 (speedtest) with the ethernet cable, but if i use the wifi, with the speedtest, i can easily reach like 56 download and 16 upload with the same ping,( i know, it's strange, and it's weird, but i have this issue right now and i can't solve it), i've tried hosting very few games with ethernet(with the capped speed), and, for now, it seems that no one complained about lag or any other issue, but, i'm very wary, so i'm asking you for more infos, because i don't really like using wifi while playing, i prefer ethernet for more stability, but if i use ethernet, my connection is capped to 10mb upload and download.

so, is 9 mb upload enough to host?

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55 minutes ago, jetfirejay1 said:

perhaps it's your ethernet cable that's limiting your ethernet connection, you could try a better ethernet cable that's rated higher like a cat6

i've already tried with 3 different cables, still not working, i've also tried the speed-douplex thing, by forcing the connection to 100mb, but nothing....i think it's the modem that is causing this problem, because the pc is new, and worked perfectly fine for like 9 months, then had to change the old modem because it broke and the company gave me this modem, it worked fine for 30 days, then all of a sudden.... this happened....ethernet speed capped at 10mb, and i'm forced to restart the modem 2/3 times a day because after a while, even the wifi speed gets halved for no reason, and every single time i restart the modem, everything(except the ethernet) get back to normal...

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Short answer is yes, it’s fine.


Longer answer: it will depend on other factors.


Several ISPs in my area will route the connection through bad nodes, and via a lot of hops. There isn’t really much you can do about it - even VPN use doesn’t guarantee avoiding them. You can try calling their support lines, but frankly success can vary wildly.

WarFrame is CPU heavy, I can’t get it to tax my graphics card at all. The worst examples from a PC player’s perspective, would be whenever I encounter a host running the game on a laptop - unplugged from the ac adapter.  In these scenarios I can press 5 to bring out my game-kiddy, and come back after cooking dinner for the moment when they actually appear. (Not all laptops will be quite this bad, but even the newer better ones still run in lower power states when detached from the charger)


TLDR - it’s less about the maximum speed, and more about the consistency and quality of the entire communication chain in use when you play the game, including the hardware.

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