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Redeemer Prime Handle unobtainable now?


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So I went to look at parts missing for weapons and when I went to check relics for the part and it seems all Redeemer Prime handle drops have been removed from the relics was wondering if that was done on purpose or if it was something that goes with vaulting of primes now

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5 hours ago, Myrinthal said:

I get that they are vaulted but the vaulted relics still in my inventory and on the codex don’t have the handle in the drop pools

What Relic(s) are you talking about exactly?

Redeemer Prime Handle is on Neo R3 & R4, and Axi R2 & R3.

Are you saying you have all / some of those Relics, and looking at their possible drops, you don't see the Handle among them?

If so, could you post some screenshots showing that? Because it's certainly not the case on my end.

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