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Toggle Ability Visuals (and other miscellaneous Fashion ideas.)


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I realize that I've made a wall of text, so here's the rundown.

TL;DR Some abilities ruin fashion and we should be able to disable them, we should have the option to toggle Prime Details on weapons, and lots of accessories are misaligned in-game and are near unusable as a result.


Just a thought of mine, though I doubt a dev will actually read this, but I think it would be really cool if we could toggle whether or not abilities visually alter a Warframe's Model, or certain effects that drastically change their appearances. (E.x. Disabling Khora's Spikes across her body, Nidus's Mutation, Xaku becoming a skeleton, or on a smaller level, Mirage's Eclipse causing her to have a smoke and mirrors effect). 

These are just a few, but they're frames whose designs I love to death, until abilities come around and drastically mess with my appearance. Having the option to disable those changes for the frames that have them, or select which one you'd like to have at all times, would be a small but welcome change. Each of those frames also has HUD indicators to tell you what's going on with your frame, so it's not like it'd be difficult to tell what's going on without the visual changes.

Another change that I think would be great is the ability to toggle between Modified or Default variants of weapons with multiple variants. (E.x. Being able to use the Normal Soma's Model on the Soma Prime, or being able to use the Standard Tetra's skin on the Prisma Tetra). None of these changes would ever effect gameplay, but customization is such a huge part of the game that it'd just be a nice thing for us to be able to do. Especially on the newer Prime Weapons that have designs heavily inspired by their respective Prime Frame, like Panthera and Karyst. 

Final thing I'd like to share is more of a complaint on the alignment of various items in the game. Many accessories, regalia, syandanas, and one specific melee weapon holster do not align to Warframes properly. A particularly bad offender of this is Wisp. Many armor pieces stick out so far that you can see little sticks holding them and connecting them to the frame, and some even float off of her body entirely, such examples being the Sigma Series chest plate, Etheria chest plate, Buzhou syandana, Mithra syandana, Repala syandana, and many, many more. As for melee holsters, the worst is the Tonfa Hip holster, which isn't even remotely aligned to the hip of your Warframe, but there are a few others that don't quite work either,

Most of the playerbase loves having their frames look the way that they want them to look, but with so many customization items being functionally broken like this, it can get frustrating. I hope this gets resolved eventually, though I understand it's probably SUPER low on the priority list with so many bugs impairing actual gameplay.

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