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Where's the new ui customization?



I vividly recall that deimos arcana was going to come with the new accessibility colour changing features (change the colour of health/shields), but I can't find them anywhere in the patch notes or in game. If anyone knows where they are, please tell me.


If it's not in the game yet; DE please

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omg PC doesnt even have it yet??   SAD FACE!!!!!!!   

I dont know if custom UI will be its own thing or you just altar one of the other given UI color schemes... 

Currently im kinda liking the high contrast color scheme.  I like how it makes certain things pop.  But the pop color is yellow lol  If I can switch it to neon green I will be in heaven heh.   Yellow RJ mods are really bad lol...  

Whatever...but I thought you guys on PC already had this =(     

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