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Battle Results issues/changes


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A change was made some time ago, that as you EXIT any mission, you see the new proggression/stats page. Thats all good.
The Problem you may ask(?), The curser is defaulted into the search bar of the aquired mods/credits/material menu.
Why does this suck? Because on exit I would be typing in CHAT and then I am dropped from that and into the freaking mod section, and in doing so clears anything there because im now searching for something that isnt there. (i.e.- typing GG clears list cause nothing is splet with two Gs)
The other thing with this is, for years I would tap space bar and many other keys to exit the battle quickly. Now it still does...but it freaking clears the list of mods/credits/materials so now i got fk all to look at on the fly back.
This change may have been unintentional, so please, just revert it back soon Thanks


Sent this^ to support and he pointed me over to here rather. thoughts 

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