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Suggestion for Grendal : A solution to potentially fixed his energy problem , without changing his play style too much.


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It's a "fullness meter" .

Something visually similar to Gauss' battery and Ember's heat , and go up or down depend on Grendal's ability use.


So the biggest source of Grendal's energy problem is Feast , the cost of keeping enemy is his belly is very high . And since this is the foundation of all his other ability , he feel very clunky .

So here's my thought : we remove the need of holding enemies , and use a fullness meter as the resource instead.


So here is the change:

Passive :

Instead of armor per enemies in stomach , gain armor base on the new fullness meter.

0 when very hungry , 1500 when full.


Explanation : Basically the same thing , but fullness instead.


Passive: Grendal now has a fullness meter , that increase when he digest enemies , and decrease when he use other abilities.

Active ( Tap ) : ( the eating )

Same thing , but enemies will be digested way faster , and add to the fullness meter .

And instead of energy drain , now cost energy per target . Maybe the same as Ember.

The meter will increase rather fast , like 5%/s per enemies in it , or even more base on testing.


Active ( hold ) : ( the puking )

will also consume all fullness meter in addition of puking out remain enemies , and change damage scaling base on both remain enemies and meter consumed . The damage should keep the same as it's current form.


Explanation : Functionally the same thing . Now can even store up the " shotgun " for as long as you want for an VIP target.


2 3 4

Stay the same , but consume a bit of fullness instead of enemies in stomach.

And if meter go to 0 for some reason , will cost enemies instead , and energy at the end.


Explanation : as much as I wish his 2 and 4 can work a bit different , those are not the point of this post . All will function the exact same , do the same thing , but fill way better and more manageable.


So this is the post.

Everything will probably stay the same for Grendal mains , and way better for everyone else.

And if I designed Grendal , this will probably be there at the very start.


Side note : I actually don't really like those " alternate resource " design , so I feel a bit weird for suggesting this . 

But since Grendal are already doing the same thing , it won't matter this time.


P.s. Despite my poor explanation , the changes I intended shouldn't change anything other than easier management , so Grendal main don't have to worry.

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