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Nyx, New Nightmare


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So, a while back the forums seem to have cleaned themselves and I didnt notice so this original idea went missing.  but I still feel strongly about it, So I'm reposting it mostly from memory with some newer thoughts. 

Nyx's kit is pretty lackluster overall, she's an older frame and her mechanics, vfx and so forth show this, she is a frame I love dearly,  but things have gotten a little.. out of sorts with her as the years went on:

-the scaling energy cost of her absorb cast her out as a good "defense guard bubble" which was a bit part of her original kit, in favor of Limbo who can do basically the same without channeling and still able to use weapons. and frost who can just. bubble anywhere at almost no cost. or gara who can bubble and burst with a more dangerous radial attack with less energy spent.
-Chaos has been unchanged basically since the start, which is fine cause its a functional ability with no real issues, except then Augments came out and Irradiating Disarm loki became a better chaos. while nyx got limbos 4 slapped into her chaos augment.
-Psychic bolts have been through a few iterations, and while i feel the current state are the best overall it is also a little limited, currently they strip armor, but not just armor, any defenses, and they also nullify certain ancient auras. Which is great, however it also is too limited, the number of bolts are fairly few and they pick their targets on their own mostly at random rather than being targeted or prioritizing targets, and they do not mess with special defenses of many other types of units, or eximus auras. 
-And Mind control. also largely mechanically unchanged, has recieved a few buffs to allow damage multipliers and a 5x damage augment, and is now her Helminth power. the problem being is that mind control was always her signature thematic skill. psychicness, absorb is kind of the least thematic, and then they gave revenant a better version of it that can work on a crowd. but apparently that wasnt enough so now anyone can be a better nyx than nyx. 

Now there's been a lot of people asking for a nyx rework, because while she's functional, she has no identity, no role to play, at anything you could use her for, theres at least two better options. and with enemy effective health scaling (health armor and shields) vs damage scaling. mind controlling a single enemy even at base 5x damage isnt really making an impact. some ideas have involved minor power tweaks, many have involved such a substantial redesign it almost feelsl like a new frame pitch. this i hope to function as a more moderate rework

-Chaos is mostly fine the way it is, but i think enemies should get the effect of a few extra rad procs and gain bonus damage against their former allies, and that their allies should recieve a higher threat level than warframes and defense objectives, or at least closer, its rather uninspiring when you cast chaos only for half of the grineer to just carry on shooting at you instead. when at least loki disarms them as well., augment unchanged
-Psychic bolts, Also mostly fine. I'd say give us a few more bolts, maybe add a hold cast to aim and target bolts or give them priority homing on heavily armored or eximus units/ancients. and let them disrupt more special defenses, and any eximus auras, except nullifier bubbles, perhaps appending that to the augment for them. or giving the augment a hold-cast that launches a larger bolt that strips in an aoe effect or in a cylinder as it passes through enemies. and replace mind control as the helminth power
-Absorb. taper back the scaling energy cost for the love of the Void. and allow nyx to move Hyldryn style (slow hovering flight with a max altitude over terrain) in her bubble. perhaps also enabling her to cast other abilities, but not fire a weapon. This allows Nyx to squat on a defence objective and reposition if the enemy comes at them or the objective moves without having to recast. (this is particularly handy for defense missions with moving objectives as you dont neccisarily want to waste your absorb because you cant move with the objective between waves) casting abilities allows her to do something about energy leech eximuses that can still drain her power while absorbing which she is otherwise helpless against, as well as assisting the group with debuffing priority targets or mind controlling a particularly useful enemy.
-Assimilate: This augment is admittedly a popular one for the 'terminator nyx' build. as well as the only way nyx's 4 can be useful currently in a mobility based game like warframe, but halving the ability range is too steep a penalty. when compared with Mesa's waltz mesa is left with more mobility relative to Assimilate, and suffers no penalty to the ability's performance.  Now yes a full roaming nyx bubble is a bit much but taking the range down by 25% is much more fair, give nyx a bit more normal movement speed and allow her to roll in assimilate and jump (not bullet jump or sprint) and the tradeoff then is "better defensive nyx, or more mobile attacker nyx"
-here's the big one, Mind control add hold-cast mechanic to allow Nyx to 'Possess' a Controlled enemy for the duration, or with a channelling cost, The enemy gains additional health and armor and damage based on strength and duration as nyx gives up her ability to be elsewhere in exchange for having an enemy meat-shield as new armor, While thusly possessed, nyx is restricted to enemy run and sprint movement speeds and her jumps are warframe standard or so to allow map traverssal (enemy jump animations do exist but they have very specific triggers instead of freely accessable) or in the case of ospreys, flight and unalerted enemies will consider the possessed unit effectively invisible or have a reduced detection range to spot anything off about the unit however if alerted by attacking they will treat the possessed unit as hostile. If the unit is able to hack consoles, you can hack through them, or maybe able to hack through them regardless. when duration ends, or energy runs out or ability is cancelled, a portion of the damage taken during possession is dealt to the enemy, and nyx errupts from their body, if the damage is enough to kill the unit, it explodes with the force doing a small radial absorb burst like slam attack at most, dealing the remaining damage or half of the total to enemies, if the damage isnt fatal, the unit is stunned and nyx phases out of their back, able to perform a finisher if desired. Remove from helminth, replace with bolts
-Mind Freak 5x damage applied, and armor/health buff from possession increased, but the unit is more easily recognized as an enemy. either going from undetected to unalerted enemies to having a moderate detection range, (kind of rakta dark dagger detection, maybe a bit closer) perhaps also a small movement speed buff to the unit to allow it to keep up with warframes a little easier the tradeoff being infiltration vs power.

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