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K drive racing for top scores



Anyone know of a guide for the real k drive racing, so the one where you try to get the most points on the daily list?

I am having a hard time searching for it and most guides when you search for racing or fast tell you 
-Locations of the races
-How to do fancy moves that give you affinity
-Fill your vent kids standing for the day
But i am past that and want to nascar/f1 it and not get explained where the circuit is.

I can get either close or in the top 10 already just want to push for the top 3 now but i'm out of ideas.

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- Give up if you see any high and oddly rounded numbers on the leaderboard. I don't think DE patched out the exploits that allow people to basically do a 0:00 race time and get an impossibly perfect score.

- Trick score doesn't give you any race score. Don't try to be too unnecessarily fancy.

- Some races do require different mod selections for the best score. You may need the 'fast fall', you may need a double-jump, or either of them may work against you. Practice your choice of race and strategise.

- Current fastest times I believe will require you to do as little grinding as possible. It was previously best speed where available but now a direct boost is faster than even a Grind Speed modded momentum. This can mean you have to carefully land and boost along rails instead of grinding them, or just to run alongside if the gate can be tagged from the ground.

- You will want the mod that adds flat boost speed at the cost of energy-over-time (plus others you can fit, to squeeze out that bit of extra zoomies). K-Drive energy = Warframe energy, so bring along a high Energy capacity frame with Primed Flow. Preparation will let you drop into the zone and do a few runs if you have it. If you have mod space after all the mobility/utility on your K-Drive, slot in the 'tricks = energy' mod; it doesn't need a lot of score to get energy back, so the occasional flip-spin when you have to jump anyway will keep you topped up.

- There is a bug - a race condition, funnily enough - which can cause the finish gate to not be counted before the race triggers completion. This might be FPS based since I run on low, so keep an ear trained for the Gate Trigger SFX when you complete a race. If you're still not getting it reliably on higher FPS then you need to try to find a good position/angle to hit the gate trigger before the race-end trigger layered in with it.

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