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Snipers + Wisp 3 -bug.


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Old title: Sporothrix + Wisp bug. I got same bug with Vectis. So i asume it is for all sniper rifles.

I found a bug with Wisp and Sporothrix when sometimes after shot player get recoiling effect( like after fully charged velocitus on ground). It happend to me when i play solo, in many different missions. I use Sporothrix with others frames and i never had this situaction. 

0:00-0:16 first clip

0:17-0:26 second clip

0:27-0:48 loadout i use, i only show the things that may have something to do with this bug.

All the extra recoil shots happens only after using wisp 3(but not after every use of it).



Next video is same bug with Vectis prime, i start recording 1 min after first extra recoil shot happen. I try to couse this bug again and manage record 6 buggy shots. I use quite different loadout than this in pervious video.

buggy shots: 0:14 , 1:40 , 2:10 , 2:19 , 3:40 , 4:24 .

The buggy shots can happen with out aiming or after teleport to reservoirs didn't record those. ( Recording and playing isn't good for my fps )

It would be nice to fix this bug, after all wisp 3 have agument Critical surge now which have synergy with snipers.


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