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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.6

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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.6

Bonewidow has had a bit of an iterative release - there’s all the changes we made post-test cluster weekend, some pretty nasty bug fixes, and now, another big round of changes. Feedback regarding Bonewidow’s abilities have brought forth the upcoming Ability overhaul changes you see below! We appreciate all the suggestions on our second Necramech thus far, take a look at the new changes:


An important raised issue with Bonewidow is being unable to regenerate Health, as Bonewidow is geared towards the more “tankier” focused Necramech in comparison to Voidrig. This change to Meathook aims to tackle that head on. 

  • Held enemies will lose Health over time, the Health lost will be transferred into Bonewidow. Held enemies will also have Damage Over Time applied to them. 

    • Drain speed and % of Health transferred can be upgradable.

  • Improved Meathook grab to feel sharper and more consistent. 

    • We found that the animation was sliding forward before the grab trigger was enabled, so if the AI was close, you would slide past before the grab would ever engage.



  • Damage Reflection added to the shield, incoming blocked damage will be reflected back at the target.

    • Damage Reflection can be upgraded with level and Strength Mods.

  • Meleeing with Shield Maiden will give you access to the Shield Bash you get while using Exalted Ironbride.



Firing Line needs to work as a better set up to let Exalted Ironbride shred enemies, and we’ve ensured it’s casting leads to better set up opportunities with these changes:

  • Added the Lifted Status to enemies hit for 5 seconds (upgradeable by Mods).

  • 1.5x Damage multiplier on Lifted enemies.



  • Radial ragdoll added to 3rd melee strike with the ability to Critical hit - but not full knock back as to keep enemies contained within striking distance.

  • Exalted Ironbride now has a slight aim assist that will help prevent over swing.


Shield Bash

The Shield Bash has been expanded to work whenever you have a Shield equipped, not just when you have a Sword and Shield!

    • Gun/Shield: The melee 'E' Key

    • Sword/Shield: The left mouse button

  • Added Lift Status to Shield Bash.


  • Truncated Bonewidow jump Melee strikes by 1 second to improve responsiveness.



  • Improved support for unusual Dx12 video drivers that don't support any full-screen video modes.

  • Altered dialog timing in the Toxicity (2nd) stage of the Isolation Vault for better pacing of Loid/Otak dialog. Also tuned escalation timing slightly to delay arrival of higher tier enemies. 

  • The 'Hint Transmission' audio toggle now applies to Glass Fissure Transmissions.

  • Rebalanced Necramech Efficiency Mods so that they do not stack over 100%. This applies to both the Necramech Drift Mod and Necramech Efficiency Mod. Necramech Drift max rank is now 60% Hover Efficiency and Necramech Efficiency max rank is now 30% Engine Efficiency (as it boosts all stats). Combined you receive a maximum efficiency of 90%.

    • Necramech Efficiency Mods boost the efficiency of all Stamina-affecting maneuvers to 60% at max rank, which leaves little room to expand with other Mods. When combined with Hover Efficiency (Necramech Drift) which already caps out at a problematic 125% efficiency, we get some really undesired values. We missed the mark on balancing these before they were pushed out the door, which is our mistake.

  • Increased the Standing Rank font size of Standing Rank up from 18 to 19 to make standard and hopefully fix occasionally displaying a blank square instead of a number.

  • Improved the Railjack Inventory Slot flow for more exposure and overall clarity:

    • Changed Wreckage Capacity count to use an icon instead of text + scrap button: hover to see text and click to open scrap window.

    • Added an additional button for combined Components and Armaments (constructed Wreckage) to show Components & Armaments Capacity and allow you to Scrap multiple at the same time using the dedicated Scrap window.

  • Adjusted reverb sound settings to the Color Key Captura Scene to better fit the level.



  • Fixed a crash that could occur in DirectX 12 on multi-core systems in levels with snow that could leave tracks.

  • Fixed potential crash due to memory corruption if you had the game minimized while it was loading a new level and then alt-tabbed back into fullscreen mode.

  • Fixed Scintillant sound not being replicated for Clients, resulting in Clients not seeing Scintillant and thus inability to obtain it.  

  • Fixed an issue when using the same Arc-gun in Heavy Weapon slot and Necramech gun slot, where Affinity earned before first summoning your Necramech wouldn't apply to the Necramech's version of the Arc-gun.

  • Fixed (again) UI becoming unresponsive when holding down a key while using Fast Travel/Decoration mode in the Dojo. 

  • Fixed activating Aerial Ace while using Chroma resulting in his Passive extra jump being removed and causing the dragon wings to show on double jump instead.

  • Fixed recasting Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk with no targets nearby resulting in all guns to be lost.

  • Fixed Nekros Soulpunching an enemy to raise them as Shadow not respecting modified Shield of Shadows power strength if that enemy is your first Shadow.

  • Fixed Nekros Soulpunching a victim to death not raising the victim as a Shadow for Clients.

    • Known issue: using Soulpunch to ‘mark’ a victim and then killing them with a weapon will not raise them as a Shadow for Clients

  • Fixed Residual Arcane zone damage numbers not showing up for Clients.

  • Fixed Bonewidow’s Meathook grabbing Dargyns.

  • Fixed force feedback not working properly with beam Kitguns.

  • Fixed Infested Research Bounty Fluid Sac throw objective text being erroneously replicated when the Host holds the sac.

  • Fixed End of Mission Medals not showing in the Last Mission Results UI screen.

  • Fixed seeing a grey box in the Market if viewing an item you already own after just logging in.  

  • Fixed a script error when attempting to use the Railjack Pilot context action during a  level transition. 

  • Fixed a script error when an Excavation encounter starts in the Cambion Drift.

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Anyway There is still so much to be done here!!!
It‘s still not good.
Ironbride shouldnt be a Arch Melee but like a heavy blade weapon so we can mod it way better.
Also since he is considered as a frontliner he definitely needs more damage.
Since the Massive Artillery of Voidrig deals hundreds of thousand of dmg without greater problems, Bonewidow is still lacking this since with his melee its more like single target where we can kill with voidrig a whole crowd of enemies in an instant.

Make his frist more like garudas 1st: When enemies HP dropping under a certain treshold bonewidow can instakill them and absorb remaining hp from them.

Also make his 3rd more Crowd gathering focused like Khoras Ensnare or Mags Magnetize Bubble and give a total dmg mutliplier of 2.0 on top of it.
That would look like more like a good ability setup kit than his current or „changed“ one now...

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Ty ! I'll give a try to the changes, but I can say by now they are all very welcomed. I would have appreciated more range on Firing Line, but I guess we still have time for tuning.

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Khora fix when? LoS is totally scuffed. Enemies stuck in Strangledome take zero damage until Strangledome duration ends.









This does not even show LoS check fails due to level geometry. 

Do you plan on just leaving her like this?

Edited by Berzerkules
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Xaku’s 2 is totally broken when I’m a client. I cast it and it gets stuck in what I imagine is casting, as it won’t take guns, the guns won’t fire, and it won’t let me recast the ability (says “Ability in Use”). Can you look into that so I can continue to play one of my favorite frames while client-side?

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Whipclaw remains buggy and unreliable after the added LoS. Replace the nerf with something more sensible like a simple damage falloff like any other explosive weapon. This also affects Ember's Fireball and primary Tombfinger kitguns in the same way for the same reason, so it'd be nice if you could do the same for those as well.


Making an ability buggy isn't the right way to balance it.

Here's a good recent example of the fundamental failure of the LoS checks:


The level geometry is detailed enough that I whipped in between the steps and detonated on the other side, but those same steps blocked LoS for the runner.

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