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Fish 3d models (Cambion Drift)


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The other day I was fishing Lobotriscid, checked on the wiki where they spawn and how they look like, so the thing is I was searching whit the archwing and just by looking can't find any so I get to a hot spot throw a bunch of stuff hoping to find any and when "fishes" start coming it turns out that Lobotriscid where spwaning but whit the 3D model of a Cryptosuctus, later when i went to daughter fishes had the same icon as the wiki so I belive in game models of the fishes in cambion drift are changed or mixed at least, not kinda of sure. Funny enough found the fish whit the in game model of the Lobotriscid (which i can't remember the name). 

Asked on the regional chat and nobody seemed to know what I was talking about, so please somebody tell me that is a bug and I don't have to reinstall warframe.

Thank you and good day.



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