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Let's actually make Chroma's Spectral Scream and Effigy worth it.


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How about the damage also scales with melee mods? To offset how potentially broken this would be, energy cost is constant and high for both so its either you build him for Vex Armor and Elemental Ward with Strength and Duration, or you build to make his scream and effigy last longer with efficiency and range.  I see it technically as a melee ranged ability, so why not attribute it as a melee based ability? Stats of the ability would be something like this:

Damage type - Based on Element

Damage amount - 75 twice every second (once every 0.5 seconds) (Increased with damage mods)

Range = Range of Polearm in cone in front of Chroma (Range mods increase to maximum of twice base)

Energy to activate = 25 (6.75 max efficiency) Per second = 7-10 (3-4 minimum with Efficiency and Duration)

Base Critical Chance: 15% (Blood Rush/Gladiator Set/ Crit mods increases)

Critical Multiplier: 2.1-2.3 (Organ Shatter/Gladiator Might increases)

Status Chance = 100% (Element mods on melee weapon can mix for combo status types. Ex: Having Primed Fever Strike on melee can turn fire -> gas and ice -> viral)

For his spectral scream augment (I don't think I've seen ANYONE use current iteration) it would gain combo counter for each second + enemy currently being damaged by it with a status effect OR the damage becomes similar to Condition Overload where it is multiplicative (2-5x based on power strength) to the duration of status afflicted on enemies. So in essence you can drop into a pile of enemies in Steel Path and breathe fire/ice/toxin/electricity around you to either get massive damage off and slowly clear the way (Dragon scorching earth and villages) or slowly ramping up that damage based on CRITICAL CHANCE AND CRITICAL MULTIPLIER. (Also because the combo count would likely reset, this augment also resets combo timer so long as its active)

For his Effigy (new exalted form btw), rename to Dragon's Enragement. His attacks will be split between melee (swinging with his hands and energy colored rakes appear when striking) and ranged (the spectral scream). It actually turns Chroma into his effigy with what I call perfect flight (similar to free movement like Wukong's Cloud Walker, but relatively slow movement scaling with movement speed mods like Inaros' Sandstorm). His melee attacks could consist of:

Neutral - Two raking claw strikes into a leaping ground slam.

Neutral Blocking -Two diagonal slashes of his clawed hands (right hand first, then left), then spinning lariat into final lifting right claw.

Forward - same as Neutral but without ground slam finish and slightly faster.

Forward Blocking - Arms forward, Chroma propels his body in a torpedo of elemental energy and barrels through enemies, ragdolling those who survive. rises at end and slams fists into ground for AoE ground slam.

Heavy - winds up right/ left hand into diagonal claw, Has deadly wave of elemental energy that goes 15m forward. (similar to Excalibur's Exalted Blade waves but limited range)

Finisher Animation - Lifts single enemy up overhead and rips them in half (100% gore)

Effigy Augment (Element Enragement) : Element chosen applies special effects to melee attacks and grants status immunity to those effects:

Fire: strips armor by 20% stacking 4 times based on melee hits

Cold: Enemies within 10m are frozen after 3 seconds of proximity. Enemies killed in that time drop additional loot (Attributes similar to Atlas' Ore Gaze augment)

Toxin: Siphons health on hit and enemies take 2% of max health per second in toxin damage

Electric: Siphons shielded enemies on hit for 10% of damage dealt to charge energy pool with amount. 

If i had a mind on animation and coding, I'd pitch it directly to steve and see if it looks good. Chroma needs to be the damn dragon he was supposed to be.

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