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Kela de Thaym arena bug


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The Merrow node on Sedna where you fight Kela de Thaym has a bug.
Right before you fight Kela, you have to step on a pressure plate to shot some triggers on the wall. After that, two cutscene plays. The first one shows a platform moving up and your warframe moving up with it to fight the boss. The Second cuscene shows you arriving at the boss arena and it finishes by showing up the boss  in question, Kela de Thaym.

Now here is the problem. If you skip the second part of the cutscene, the platform vanishes, the same that you are suppose to stand on to shoot the triggers on the wall. Collision on the invisible platform still works... Kind of. The center has no collision, nor the edges. The pressure plates have collision and you can spot them by keeping an eye for an glowing blue circle on where the pressure plate where suppose to be, the collision point for the plate is a little bit bellow of the glowing circle.

You can skip the first part of the cutscene, as long as you don't skip the second part, the fight will go on as intended with no problems.
Bug seems to trigger both on DirectX11 and 12. Didn't gave the DirectX10 version a try.

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Yeah.  Everything described is correct.  Additional info, the orbital strike will continue to occur while kela is jumping around the arena.  In the screenshot, you see Kela on the ground when she should be in the window. 

Here's a screenshot: 




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